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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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as i am known by the santa cruz police department, the groper. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up, gawker publishes a list of licensed gun owners in new york city and i hope criminals don't notice that the author of the piece, john cook, is not on the list. and action figures from "jango unchained" is from civil rights leaders and also al sharpton. and why is president obama nominating nothing but white males to the cabinet positions? the war on women continues straight ahead. greg? >> thanks, andy. >> you disgust me, greg. i was going to tell you why. >> why? >> it was only about maybe a month ago you were mocking me mercilessly for wearing a v
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neck sweater with a collar outside of it. >> really? >> yes. >> this is what happens when you leave your stuff at my place. >> you are just a little filth bucket. >> i am curious, you mentioned john cook. is that the john cook who lives in prospect heights? >> it might be. i'm not sure. jay in brooklyn -- >> in brooklyn? i think so. >> we can get his address. >> i don't know, maybe so. see you later, jerk. let's welcome my first guest. i am here are harris falkner, that's her name. and if hilarity were a gift card i would plow him at the olive garden. he is the co-host of the opie and anthony show. and in maine she considered a tackle box. it is bill schulz. and she knows hot stocks like i am -- like i know tube socks. it is true, i am a lonely man who wears tube socks. sit -- sitting next to me is
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liz mcdonald. liz is short for elizabeth. and the best juice of his pages is lining bird cages. our new york times cory spawn department. gad to see you, pinch. >> tyler kapner, the hall of fame voting shutout was a, quote, resounding referendum in baseball. back then winchester was the one to watch, but he struggled with the screwball which was the best side order of a side ordered spit. at the end of the day, the oklahoma lookilous won and the separate but equals didn't. >> i think i got the side order of spit. >> i think you did. >> sorry about that, but that's how we talk back then. >> it is longer and longer and longer. eating more and more into the show until we have almost nothing. all right, they want to put a
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chip in chip. well, it is true everything is bigger in texas even big brother. a federal judge, is there any other kind, has ruled a san antonio school district can force students to wear locator chips when they are on school property. they were right to expel a sophomore because she refused to wear the device. i think that's her. a spokesman for the district says they are not spying. rather they are using technology to find students in the building, but not in class when the day begins. the district says they are losing almost $2 million a year due to kids spending time in the halls and stirwells and writing fan fiction about me. meanwhile at a nearby school for kittens how are lessons on sharing going? >> harris, is this a violation
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of privacy or privacy? >> my understanding of the story is the aclu and a conservative grout called the rutherford institute actually agree. if you are in a school district in north side san antonio, maybe you recognize a problem with that. these are opposing factions that come together on the fact that this is not a good thing. >> i always go with the mode of thinking that if you have two sides thinking something is wrong then maybe it is wrong. then i think no maybe that is wrong. that makes three wrongs which makes it right, liz. >> is this an algebra class? >> do you think these #r* innocuous tracking devices? and could this turn into a film with tom cruise where he is naked? >> if he is naked. i get you on that. it is such a creepy thing. >> really? >> to put chips in it just because they want to make sure they get the state education aid they can get?
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if they don't know where the pupils are and the pupils are not there and they are loitering, they are not going to get the money. >> i thought these were chips as in fritos? >> you can't put chips in people's pupils. >> anthony, are you a libertarian guy. it is in the school. >> it is just in the school. it is nt r -- it is not like they are tracking him around the neighborhood. they have these things called truant officers. this is just a high-tech version of that. i don't see a problem with it. if i had that in my day perhaps i would have graduated high school and had a job my parents would have been proud of. jay we went -- >> we went from truant officers to marks to -- narks to chips. >> did you graduate? >> i am a high school dropout. >> that's incredible. you may be the only one i know. and you probably make like seven, eight figures? >> it is crazy the amount of
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money i make. >> anthony, you said something interesting. >> well thank you. >> you said they will only track the students on campus. have i two questions. one, how do we know that's true? who is keeping them honest on that? and where is the database collecting the information on where these kids are? and who is the genius in charge of watching the data when it comes back? >> and where is the money to buy the chips that the bureaucrats will watch? >> this is a show about answers and not questions. >> i'm outraged. >> my worry is they will be used to keep tabs on the hot students by the perverted male teachers or perhaps female teachers. >> how dare you, greg? i for one am all for teenage boy locators. to a lesser extent girls. i would love to help them with their technology. give me the database and i can be the eye on the eye on the boys and to a lesser extent girls. >> it saves money in the long-term. >> how? >> you don't need people --
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>> you lose jobs. >> it is like atm's replace banks. we don't see banks anymore, do we? >> i don't even know what that is, oldy. what is a bank? >> it is the first lawsuit from the parent who says my child was located in this area and something happened to my child in that area. why didn't you protect my child from that molestation? >> i have an alibi. >> who if it is used to thwart an assault. >> and we hope that. when you give so much power to an entity and they misuse that power who holds them accountable? >> it is better like in star trek and you get beamed up immediately. >> that will happen. >> by the way, it won't matter anymore once the war starts and that will be in six months. >> the war? >> the war on christmas? that's a couple months away. >> whatever the war is. >> the war on the fourth of july. >> from stalkers to gawkers.
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do they prefer perverts over pistols? they posted new york city's licensed gun owns or as the headline called them [bleep]. the tally of gun toters came with the freedom of information act law showing names, but not addresses. and it is more than two years old. last month a newspaper in west chester kicked up a crap storm after it released pistol holding people. the staff has been getting death threats. this after there was heart felt treaties on whyed it do feel yaw should be viewed as sexual orientation. elsewhere the gun debate rages on. >> you know, in the first five years they weren't always arguing like that. she just gets on him and he just wants to be left alone.
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>> the problem is they are staying together for their weird hybrid kids. these dogs with shells, they are so ugly. i say split up. >> the thing is luckily the hybrids don't livelong. they can out live the kids and then split up. >> sometimes they do. sometimes they live with a turtle. >> the question is who gets the house? >> the other question is when can they be in a freak zoo? >> enough. you are on this list. >> i am on the list. >> it is somebody who is very private about owning guns. >> and they spelled their name right. >> something tells me you are not ticked off about this. >> i am very proud about -- >> the cameras are rolling. >> i talk on my radio show all the time about gun ownership and the second amendment. but it is creepy that they are doing this. there is no reason for it other than some type of weird intimidation or making a villain out of people that own
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guns. it is almost a pervert sexual predator list kind of thing. >> you talk about this on the show. >> this is what gets me, liz. gawker in september did a whole piece explaining how pedophilia could be a sexual orientation. i read the article 17 times. it was like a penthouse letter the way they describe this stuff. and the conclusion is to them a person -- a legal gun owner is more of a threat than a pedophile. >> it is pathetic. did you say the headline had the word "[bleep] in it? >> yes. >> when will they put out an interactive map with the pedophile addresses and dead beat dads, mortgage delinquents and unemployment benefit fraud sisters, i have a whole list here.
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put that up. >> there would be outrage. if you posted and somebody tweeted earlier, if you tweeted welfare recipients the same way and put them as public record out there, there would be outrage. >> there must be something wrong with me. i didn't find any of this to be neutral. i found this to be serious. i am a former stalking victim and i wrote a book about it. >> i apologize for that. >> okay, thanks. i was waiting for that. >> here is my concern. you know, anthony, you have a great attitude about this. you are not the one i am worried about. you are the good guy with the gun. i am worried about your neighbor who doesn't have a gun, and now they know he or she lives next door. every rapist and robber is going to not bother you. who is going to protect this
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person? didn't they hire security guards after -- so are they going to hire security guards to protect your neighbor? >> you know what is hilarious about that story? in the initial story on the guns they smear the cops. they were linking him to corruption and rape. and then in the next blog after the death threats they said, we are contacting the police department. >> it was almost like they gave themselves diaper rash writing this story. that's how i felt reading it. they are like a bunch of big babies. they write anonymously. i can't -- that's how they write. >> not all of them write anonymously, but they write with that expression on their face. >> and they do all have diaper rash. >> there is something going on where gun owners are called nuts. if you are trying to defend the second amendment you are a gun nut. it is not paranoia where my name is on a list along with
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other people. the president and biden is talking about executive privilege to enact new restrictions on gun ownership. all right, without being paranoid, it is a little scary. >> when the west chester newspaper did this, did they put the address newspaper on there? no, but they gave the editor and their information out there. i do want to say this. you mention the piece of paper that allows you to get this information. it is public record. it is not like i can't find out that anthony is on this list. it is just crime is opportunity. when you put it on a map and you put a red dot on it and i can click on it and google earth can take me to your freaking house, that's different. >> it is like, you know, this is public information. it is available.
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>> it is because they stated that the people who own guns are crazy [bleep]. >> sorry, i didn't mean to yell. >> can i make one point? >> people, listen to me. the information is public. but it is not free to see. you have to apply for it. a lot of people want to apply for that information. say i want to track you down. i won't do it. i have to use my information to get that information, to file a freedom of information act. what he did was remove that step. it filed that information and published it. now the guy that wants to find you can find you. >> it is opportunity. >> i have to distinguish one fact. they didn't print the addresses. >> i don't care. >> it gives you the map and it google earths it. what's the difference? >> they have workplace addresses for some of them. bill, you own a firearm, but
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that's only when you set your arm on fire. >> i have very little hair left. >> i realize you are the only person who hasn't said a word in this segment. >> i heard people are upset they are not on this list and they don't know you have a gun. apparently you don't need to get a permit for a rifle. so the more you know. >> you are new york city, by the way. >> well my advice would be to get it illegally. >> well, you know what, a lot of people are taking have advice. taking that advice. >> that is so true. we are driving it underground of is that what we really want? >> thank you. >> good, i'm glad. coming up, half time for bill. i will personally make sure shampoo doesn't get in his eyes. it is like last time. that was cute. what's up with "jango unchained" action figures? and why do i keep accidentally siting on them. three trips to the er in one
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week alone.
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the dolls from unchained are causing some pain. some civil rights leaders are angry over the fantasy called "jango unchained." leonardo dicaprio and the talking german shepherd that can fly. i didn't know he was in it. it has called for a boycott and the director of an l.a. civil rights organization is calling on the toy company to stop selling these do toys.
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they say it is a slap in the face of our ancestors. they go on to say, we feel it terrorism lieses the horrors of slavery. i think we have a clip of the film. >> sorry, that was from my perm collection. have i a website devoted to that the. i don't know why. the doctor has been telling me to stop. hair rirks i go to you -- harris, i go to you for no particular reason. what is your take? are these action figures or are they something more? >> every film gets a cult following. this film is very popular. it has these action figures. unless these characters have something i don't know.
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have they been taken from the past to the future. this is how they market every film. they have done movies like this. if you turn on a new generation to history what is the problem with that? >> is this history. jay the sla- >> the slavery topic is real. >> like i was saying saying it wasn't? i stopped bringing those years ago. liz, there is a huge market apparently for a collectible figure which depresses me for some reason. should the company have been more sensitive or think about the bottom line? >> no, al sharpton shut up for once. the guy from the islamic whatever, shut up. everybody just shut up. they are just trying to make money. i don't care. i am so tired of the feaux
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fictitious running up to a mic stand. what i want is an action figure of amarosa or bill. i want an action figure of bill. what would be his kryptonite? i am not sure. >> you use bill and amarosa in the same sentence. they are interchangeable. >> i want to see them fighting. >> we have similar hair. >> i am begging you, please address this topic without saying anything offensive. >> all righty, i will give it a whirl. >> somebody look up the word whirl. what does that mean? >> oh my god. in 1880 it meant -- >> i don't see any problem with it. the film itself i guess spike lee was giving it slack also. it seems to be empowering. i don't think it is historically accurate. it is a movie but as far as action figures go i would
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rather have the zed and gimp play set. a lot more fun. blowtorch and ply yes, sirs sold separately. >> i have less of a problem with this than the old anna tom mickly correct barbie and ken. >> they were never anatomically correct barbie and ken. >> well ken wasn't, but skipper -- >> i remember having a couple where she was like, keep her clothes on. >> i had no idea. >> i was too busy playing with stretch armstrong. >> you will be up on ebay. bill, you know what drives me nuts about this story? i don't care about the movie. it is adult geeks who collect the action figures. the people who collects the action figures are inactive figures they are more extended adolescents. i don't think there is any prior generation that did this.
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nobody in the 60s or the 50s or the 40s or the 30s or 20s or zero's or 1890s or 1880s -- somebody tell me to shut up. >> he is making a poift. >> 1850s, 1840s, 1830s -- no, my point is how is this a market for kids? >> we prefer to call them figurines and that's why we are the greatest generation. >> the most offensive thing is the fact that they keep them chained up in the box. jay it is this whole -- >> it is this whole, oh it is out of the box. i'm sorry. you belong in a box. you belong in a box. >> can i just make another point? >> i won't say shut up anymore. the islamic guy, didn't the slave trade em -- emonate out of that part of africa and
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didn't they oversee the slave trade in a big way? i like how he comes in and basically makes his point and runs away. it opens up the conversation for real history. right? these action figures are actually doing a good thing. >> it only happens on intellectual shows or s and salons. i am talking at a leisurely pace and find out whether andy was involved. she should be doing that right now so she can ombuds us. >> you notice in the salon i was doing my hair. >> if it wasn't full of pawnshop stores. >> what channel has intervention on it? >> i think that is learning. what am i learning? i am learn thrg is a lot of poop in people's houses. >> have to take a break.
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we have to take a break. where there is hoarding there is poop. it was in "field of dreams." if you hoard it, they will poop. if you have a comment just e-mail us. i'm sorry, hair rissments you looked at me disgusted. yes you did. you shot me a withering look. do you have a video of your animal doing something, something clean? click on submit a video. still to come from andy levy who is googling something right now. >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by pickles. vegetables that acquired a strong taste from being preserved. thanks, pickle.
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we're back. let's see if we got anything wrong so far. hi, greg. >> hi, andy. >> it is all over your face. >> i know why. >> judge rules texas school. harris, how do we know if they are tracking them on school grounds as they say they r. i believe it is something i like to call trust, harris. when the governmentals me something i believe you should try it sometime.
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>> does that require a response? they should put something on the screen that says -- i won't even say. >> of course i am kidding about trusting them. the same government that lied to us about landing on the moon would certainly lie about something like this. >> you will get there eventually. >> you say it is like a truant officer which is maybe true, but more icky? >> no, i think everything when it is updated through technology seems icky. but for the most part it is an extension of what we have already had, just a little more convenient and a little more shady. >> it protects the kids from the teachers. i'm telling you this is a veiled exercise in saying, oh he is not in mr. stevens' office. >> i don't understand why they are making them wear these. you can lose a badge. you have to implant that sucker.
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>> i agree completely. >> oh my goodness. >> tracking darts. >> by the way, shear why the judge ruled against the student, the letter the student's father wrote to the school district said the chip violated his family's religious beliefs. he said, quote, it is our hell fire belief to allow you to track my daughter and it will condemn us to hell. they believe the chip is the mark of the beast. chapter 13 versus 16 and 17. and i quote, he causes all both small and great, rich and poor and free and slave to receive a mark on their forehead and no one may buy or sell except those who have the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. >> sounds like the government to me. the name of the beast is dibold. >> the school said, okay, you can wear the id card without the chip. then they were like, no, that's not good enough. the judge basically said look
11:34 pm
the school district offered you a reasonable accommodation , and you turned it down. >> everyone knows you just take the chip out. you feed it to a dog. and it lets the dog run around the neighborhood. >> put it on a xerox machine or fax machine. >> i did that and the dog showed up in all of my classes. >> and dean's list. >> when i got there boy did i screw up. >> look at i now. you wrote "the joy of hate." >> i believe -- greg if i recall correctly barry bonds cheated off that dog. >> he did, he did. >> old time "red eye" viewers will get that. >> barry bonds used to cheat off me in high school. >> i thought he was older. >> he -- you have a big head. >> wow. >> his head got bigger. it was from the drugs. >> allegedly. >> allegedly, of course.
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>> gawker publishes list of new york city gun permit holders. anthony, you don't mind personally, but there is no reason but creepiness. it is bullying, power and simple. >> it is bullying. whenever you go for the freedom of information act to get something there is a reason or investigation. it is something. this is just purely to intimidate. this exposing of these gun nuts. it is ridiculous. >> it is weird shaming them into submission. >> this is a big point because the writer had just written a long piece confessing to being a bully in which he tried to urge a girl to commit suicide. >> this is the same guy? >> same guy. he wrote a think piece because it was so good to confess the past. turns out he is the same schmuck and the same guy. >> what a creep.
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>> you asked if it was true if they had the word a-hole in it. the original headline they later changed was here is a list of all of the a-holes in the city. >> greg, you mentioned this information is public information. in fact, cook points out it was available on the web. so great journalism. >> also, greg, you mentioned gawker didn't publish anybody's address. and in fact, cook wined on -- whined on twitter, people are tweeting my address. i didn't publish anybody's address. but he wrote, quote, because the nypd is more interested in raping and or eating ladies and spying on muslims than it is in honoring public records law, the list contains the names and not the addresses of the licensees. clearly he would have published the list with the addresses, but they wrbt there. >> exactly. >> who put the link in to the map? >> who is this guy? what are his journalistic craw
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den that wills -- credentials this guy this where did he come from? he is a bully. >> he brews sam adams. >> that's jim cook. >> oh right. >> a tremendous brewer. >> i don't think you need a journalism background to write for "gawker." >> that's a good poimt. >> "jango unchained" action figures causing controversey. none of the characters in this film are real people. so the figures themselves are not based on real figures. >> it would be like selling a character from anything else. >> absolutely. >> you mentioned spike lee is giving the film itself crap. the project he condemns the figures and he has seen the film twice and thought it was great. he just doesn't like the figures. >> good for him. >> the fact is if you are selling the figures, what are you selling?
11:38 pm
>> dolls. >> collectible figuresment. >> figurines. >> they are dolls of slaves. you are selling slaves. >> the dolls still belong to slaves. >> the dolls are kept in the box. >> technically if people are watching us on tv we are trapped in this box, and we are free to roam. >> in france mimes are trapped in boxes all the time. what are we talking about? >> i don't know. greg, to your point that you are buying dolls of slaves, they said -- he said look, no action figures of hitler were made for the tarn tino film "inglorious bastards." but they made a figure of the nazi colonel hand. >> i didn't know that. >> he didn't either. >> i stand corrected. i don't know. i find the whole thing unsavory. >> can i say something? i am not going to see the film and i will tell you why. i saw "ingore gluer yous
11:39 pm
bastards" and a lot of them liked it. >> i loved it. >> i don't like fictitious historical revenge fantasies. because it implies that the people in real life didn't do it. they didn't have the wherewith all and the guts to follow through. quinten tarantino accomplished it. but they didn't do it back in the day. there is something unsavory about creating heroic fiction. i don't like it. >> i don't think you like the jews killed the gnaw swreas. >> you are a terrible person. >> i actually loved that girl in "inglorious bastards." >> did you like brad pitt's accent? >> everybody in that movie was good, but i had a tough time. i am watching it saying what is this saying? what is it saying about the people who lived at that time? >> you should just watch a
11:40 pm
movie and be entertained. >> i completely agree. >> my favorite movie of all time is "blue velvet." >> that explains a lot. >> that's a creepy movie. >> i love that movie. we should go and watch it together some time. >> i president can't. i can't. >> why? >> okay. >> the assorted case of 10 action figures from "jango unchained" is selling for 595 on amazon. jay that's the poit. >> for real? >> one merchant is offering the carrie washington character. >> you know what is dreefg up the value? >> $999. >> you are kidding nearly a grand? jay it has gone down? >> two separate things.
11:41 pm
you can buy the whole thing for 595 or the whole thing for almost a thousand bucks. >> what about the one with amarosa. >> why it is amarosa. >> i believe it is amarosa. >> let's call the whole thing off. this is the most times her name has been mentioned in the past 10 years. >> lastly there was an islamic slave trade. >> there was? he validated -- thank you, andy wherever he went. he is walking down the hall looking for a candy bar. >> he is trying to get on the phone to buy one of the action figures. coming up, what is love? baby don't hurt me, hurt me no more. a strange message that was sent to me. why does the president loathe women? a fair and balanced look at this kenyan bornnnnnnn
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women helped him prevail, and yet he favored white and male. president obama, if that's his real name, has nominated a bunch of men to serve in top national security positions including head of the cia, secretary of state and secretary of defense. and not helping matters he picked women to be secretary of vacuuming and secretary of doing the dishes. >> what? >> the washington post said supporters are irked by the shortage of ladies in prominent jobs especially after making women's issues a big part of his campaign. look at him smile mocking them. to me it is massage nighs to put women in cabinet. that's just me. discuss, shall we? >> lightning rooooouuuunnndd. lightning round. >> on a scale of one to impeachment, how much do you care if he doesn't choose any women? >> i look at the track
11:46 pm
record. you have desiree rogers who was employed by the president. she was the social sectd. >> that was a guy? >> she was a woman. then ha rie benghazi thing. then you have secretary of state hillary clinton which both sides of the political aisle have been pleased with her job, but then there was the benghazi thing. >> so you are saying he has done his women's business and now he is on to men? that makes me sick. >> okay. i am just giving you an example. you are the queen of examples. liz, are you surprised how much they chased the female vote and now he talked on the side like something you would toss aside perhaps a package of delicious goods? >> i was kind of surprised. >> moving right along, listen, i'm all for women getting the
11:47 pm
powers they deserve. >> boo! boo! >> but i want them to get it on their own merits and because of their ideas and not for being women. >> this is what happens when you stop talking about americans and start dividing it up by orientation gender and skin color. it bites back, the party is thinking it is kind of in a way hurting from it. >> do you agree with everything i just said? >> every word of it, greg. as far as his promise for a diverse cabinet and whatnot it is promise 456. i broke my promises list. >> i think that is the transparency. >> it makes you wonder does he care? or does he need to get the job done without distraction. i don't say it too lightly. there are two women not getting a lot of attention.
11:48 pm
>> he is going into the default position. just get me an old white guy. they fade into the background and no one notices them. they are too feeble to get anything done. i find that disgusting. you once lived in a cabinet. >> ikea. hard to put together. >> as are you. jay obama didn't say -- one of his campaign promises were -- i was like, equal pay for women. >> he never said i promise to only hire women. i don't think that was in the bargain. he hired the best people for the job. i don't see what the big deal is. >> he said he was going appoint more women to positions of status. >> okay, but on a personal note i don't think women should be be able to drive. >> i was so glad you mentioned that perm note. >> i just think it is too much. you have a lot of damn things so get off the road. leave it to the men.
11:49 pm
>> sorry. i am torturing bill. >> we are going to take a break right now, but there is more stuff on the way. we will talk about the fun stuff. we will get to a story we president haven't got to in four days. >> really? >> yes, we are.
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says people who feel lower in status compensate by buying expensive crap. a researcher at ohio state, go pitt sniffers, have a lesser statute chiewr -- stature for italian suits and homemade beef jerkey. and they say it is true regardless of race. meanwhile in a totally unrelated story this indian dude spent $22,000 on a shirt made of gold to impress the ladies. said the dapper fell law, i know i am not the best looking man in the world, but truly no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt. why does he have to say men or man? >> i don't know if he is a homophobe in that shirt. >> she a handsome guy.
11:54 pm
he didn't need that gold shirt. >> he could be shirtless. >> do you buy this here re? >> how did they get the money to buy the stuff? >> i think status always means finances which means he is spending his money. >> i didn't pay my represent because i wanted slot cars. >> he thought slot cars are bring. >> to me that was something cool. >> when you see a potential suiter list and you say that one has bling and it is a slot car does bling actually work? >> am i going to sound stupid by asking what a slot car? >> they are racers and they go around and they are in a slot.
11:55 pm
>> maybe if you were not in the doll section of toys r us. >> action figure section, sir! >> i didn't know what they were either. >> you didn't know what slot cars were? >> no. >> the worst thing is you would get them for christmas and they ever would never work. >> they had a slot in the track and they would whip around. if you owned an animal the hair would get in the slot and the car would stop and you would cry. >> slot cars always ended in tears. one way or another. you got hit hit by one or it didn't work. i don't remember what the story was about. >> slot cars. >> any thoughts in -- any thoughts? >> this is the pimp's way, isn't it? that's why pimps dress up, i guess. so they fail like they made it. i honestly don't think this is something to spend research money on. i want your salary. >> you can have it after the
11:56 pm
show. >> you have a cheap knockoff version of that guy's shirt. it only tboas to your belly. >> that's more to protect me from the government. >> she was telling me before the show she wants to be a kardashian for a minute. >> no, i don't like that family. they are hideous. >> can you just tell them to shut up? >> you don't mince words. >> i am kind of cranky tonight. >> i like it when you are cranky. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. go to fox eye. just look for me.
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